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Tobacco enterprises talk about vacuum aluminizing materials (I)

what do cigarette factories worry about

Wuhu cigarette factory

our factory agrees with the environmental protection and low cost of vacuum aluminum plating materials. First, it is in line with the future development trend, and second, its cost is lower than aluminum foil paper. In the current situation of considerable use of aluminum foil paper in the factory, the reduction of this part of cost is very attractive to us. However, the experimental results of proofing are not very satisfactory. Firstly, the gloss is not as good as that of aluminum foil paper, and secondly, there are cracks in printed products. We believe that this is mainly because the adhesion between the aluminum molecular layer of the aluminized paper and the bottom paper is not strong enough. Of course, this is only our idea. It also needs the professional analysis of the material manufacturer. We hope that the material manufacturer can improve the composite strength of the aluminized paper as soon as possible and improve the process level

Anyang cigarette factory

we are mainly concerned about the cost and performance of materials. Anyang is located in the north, while better aluminum plating material manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the south, resulting in long procurement cycle and high transportation costs, which will increase procurement costs. The selling price of environmental protection products is relatively high, and there is a trend of gradual increase recently, which also brings cost pressure to enterprises. In addition, the aluminized paper material also had many problems in the experiment. For example, after changing the material, the cigarette label has color difference, or the smoothness of the material itself is not enough, the printed product is rough, aluminum powder is easy to fall off, and it is unable to make special process effects such as "ice flowers", and the waste rate is high. These are the reasons why we hesitate to use vacuum aluminized paper. At present, 20% of our cigarette products are still using rolled aluminum foil paper. We hope to replace all of them with environmentally friendly materials as soon as possible, so as to realize the greening of cigarette packaging materials

Harbin cigarette factory

the environmental protection work of our factory in recent years has focused on the use of white cardboard materials. Firstly, the cost of white cardboard is much lower than that of composite aluminum foil paper. Secondly, its environmental protection is better than that of vacuum aluminized paper. However, in view of the high voice of replacing composite aluminum foil paper with aluminized paper in all aspects, our factory also had the idea of replacing aluminum foil packaging with aluminized paper. However, after proofing experiments, we felt that the appearance effect of aluminized paper prints was not good. In addition, the amount of aluminized paper we used was not large, so this part of environmental protection improvement was not the most urgent, so this plan was stranded

Chuzhou cigarette factory

vacuum aluminized material was used by our factory before it was stopped. The reason is that the brightness of vacuum aluminized paper is not as bright as composite aluminum foil paper. After it was listed, it was mistakenly regarded as a fake by consumers, causing market fluctuations

after the factory leaders assigned the task of reducing the packaging cost and tar content this year, we expect that the vacuum aluminizing material can have faster technical progress and resume its use in Chuzhou tobacco factory as soon as possible

tobacco factory experience

Shanghai tobacco is still in the deep stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. The latter can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission. The experimental results enter the development stage. The biggest difficulty we encountered when we first adopted vacuum aluminizing materials is the problem of "running in" between New materials and old equipment. The resistance comes from three aspects: first, there are differences in process manufacturing between aluminized paper and aluminum foil paper. The new material is thinner and has higher requirements for mechanical forming. As a result, after the new material is put into the machine, when the mechanical folding of the material reaches 90 degrees, the material has insufficient resilience and is easy to fold. Second, the aluminized material has high air permeability, and the moisture loss is rapid when exposed to the daily environment. The moisture content of the material decreases rapidly after being put into the machine at high temperature, which makes it difficult to form on the machine. Third, the material standards provided by aluminum plating material suppliers are different. In order to ensure the orderly production, general cigarette factories usually use 2 ~ 3 paper materials at the same time. However, the paper materials of each company are different due to different process and raw material characteristics. Even if the cigarette factory chooses the paper with the same weight and thickness when purchasing, the elasticity and density indexes of the materials are different, which makes the cigarette factory feel at a loss

in view of the above problems, our solutions are as follows: first, select a strong manufacturer of aluminized materials, ask them to provide equipment commissioning services for cigarette packaging machines, and adjust or replace the pressure shaft diameter, tightness and probe sensitivity of the equipment according to its material characteristics; 2、 The rewetting system is installed on the cigarette machine to re humidify the aluminum spraying materials and supplement moisture during the operation of the equipment; 3、 Try to choose long-term and stable suppliers, and gradually unify and subdivide the purchasing standards of materials. It is worth noting that, due to the different types and models of cigarette machines used by various tobacco enterprises, the problems arising from the replacement of materials are also different, so the above experience of cigarette machine commissioning is only for reference to other enterprises

Yanji Cigarette Factory

when the factory used laser transfer paper to make soft box red Changbai Mountain cigarette labels, there were some problems, such as poor forming degree of cigarette labels, poor material stiffness, subtle cracks in printing ink, etc. We refer to the existing soft box aluminized paper packaging on the market, and feel that the appearance effect is not satisfactory. At that time, a printing enterprise that had business relations with us, after learning about this situation, made technical adjustment and pre coated the aluminized materials before printing, which increased the toughness of the materials and effectively solved this problem. Compared with similar products, our hongchangbai mountain soft bags are more high-grade and the materials are more comfortable, thus strengthening our confidence in using aluminized paper

Jinan cigarette factory

in order to achieve good results in the printing of vacuum aluminized materials, the characteristics of the aluminum layer must be taken into account in the design and plate making, and the glittering metallic luster must be shown as much as possible. The design pattern should not choose the hue with large area and strong covering power; During the design, the ink with good transparency shall be selected for printing. For example, the transparent yellow printed on the aluminum layer can turn into gold, so as to make full use of the luster of the aluminum itself and make it show bright metallic luster. At the same time, in view of the phenomenon that the ink is easy to burst when the vacuum aluminized material prints are folded at 90 (degree) or 180 (degree), the ink printing is not carried out at the crease to make up for the lack of folding of the material except for the elastic deformation

according to the design pattern, it can also be combined with some special printing processes, such as concave convex embossing, refractive hot stamping, etc., so as to make the aluminized prints more artistic. In addition, the printing effect should be fully considered in plate making. Generally, it is not suitable to stack too much ink, especially for full-scale printing on the spot. Printing on aluminized paper is much more difficult than that on ordinary paper. The surface is smooth and the ink absorption is poor. Therefore, the dark part of the pattern is easy to get dirty and scratched. The plate making method with non-color structure can be adopted

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