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Titanium ore production reduction or environmental protection investment doubling titanium dioxide price reduction how to "live"

titanium ore production reduction or environmental protection investment doubling titanium dioxide price reduction

August 15, 2017

[China paint information] in July, Sichuan environmental protection group went to Panzhihua for environmental protection supervision, resulting in the shutdown of many local small and medium-sized mines. Since August, Panzhihua has been subject to stricter environmental supervision, so some large and medium-sized enterprises have also been forced to stop production. At present, the output of Panzhihua titanium mine has reached a new low. How long this environmental protection inspection action will last and to what extent will the impact be? We still need to continue to observe in the later stage. The low operating rate will inevitably lead to a sharp rise in prices. Fortunately, the current operating rate of titanium dioxide is also low, and the price of titanium ore has not yet "soared". According to the current environmental protection supervision, even if titanium dioxide returns to work, it is unlikely that the mine will return to work. Once such a situation is formed, will titanium ore repeat the "price rise" at the beginning of the 21st century

recently, the increasingly strict environmental protection supervision has further promoted the whole titanium dioxide industry to more clearly understand the necessity of environmental protection investment. If it does not invest, it can only be closed. The treatment of "three wastes" has always been the top priority of the titanium dioxide industry, and it is also one of the targets of the government's "strike hard" on the titanium dioxide industry. Since the industry wore the "double height" hat, the industry's environmental protection investment has doubled in recent years in full view of the public. First, the compensation for the historical arrears of environmental protection; Second, the change of environmental protection concept; Third, forced by supervision. No matter what the reason, environmental protection investment is necessary, and no one can hinder the smooth progress of the "battle" to protect the blue sky and green water

if the titanium dioxide enterprise needs a large amount of titanium ore for production, it is out of stock

if the recent environmental protection supervision can meet the standard with huge investment, but the output results are not competitive

if the titanium dioxide price really continues to "reduce prices" in the next few months

ask: how can the titanium dioxide enterprise "live"

how to improve quality without profit

how to upgrade the industry

can downstream enterprises use titanium dioxide with excellent quality

each "chain" in the industrial chain should stand in a reasonable position and enjoy reasonable profits, otherwise it cannot be called a "chain". Since the price rise of titanium dioxide in 2016 (the price of raw materials has generally risen on the basis of fully absorbing the opinions of many entrepreneurs, experts and professional committees), the downstream can not afford and has tried to raise the price of downstream for many times. However, the overall environment has not yet created a reasonable "position" for the industrial chain, At present, the unreasonable "matching" in the chain and the disordered market integration of resources, production, supply and marketing have not yet been in place, resulting in the market chaos of "holding down the gourd and pulling the ladle" and confusing the enterprises

what enterprises struggle with is not only the rise and fall of market prices today, but also the sustainable development of the industry. Only on the basis of orderly and sustainable development of the industry, can enterprises give better play to their own advantages to win "fame" and "profits", and truly create their own value

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