The hottest tmall broke 100billion in 107 minutes.

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Tmall broke 100billion in 107 minutes. How much did you contribute

this year, tmall's "double 11" performance is expected to exceed RMB 200billion

"double 11" turns on the screen dominating mode

as of 1:47 on November 11, tmall's daily sales exceeded 100billion, more than 7 hours faster than the same period last year. Based on this growth rate, tmall's "double 11" performance this year is expected to exceed RMB 200billion. In addition, other e-commerce giants are also following up

in the past 9 years, the sales of Taobao/tmall during the "double 11" has increased by more than 3200 times. With the advent of the ten-year examination, the major Internet giants have also successively opened new channel models

2018 "double 11" performance overview

2018 "double 11", continue to set new records

let's take a look at the real-time sales of this year's "double 11" tmall:

2 minutes and 05 seconds, the sales exceeded 10billion, nearly a minute ahead of last year

26 minutes and 03 seconds, with sales exceeding 50billion, nearly 15 minutes ahead of last year

35 minutes and 17 seconds, the sales exceeded 57.1 billion, exceeding the 2014 double 11 all day sales record

1:47:26, the sales volume exceeded 100billion, while it took 9:0:4 to reach the same turnover in 2017

other e-commerce giants have also made remarkable achievements. Among them: released a message. As of 22:56 on November 10, the cumulative amount of orders exceeded 100billion

houenlong, President of Suning Tesco, wrote on his microblog, "real data: breaking 100 million in 4 seconds and 1 billion in 50 seconds"

the official wechat of Ecola also said that it took only 229 seconds for the "double 11" platform sales to exceed 100 million this year

according to the securities times, in the first 30 minutes of the "double 11" this year, tmall platform has increased by 3 The experimental error meets the national standard, and the turnover of companies exceeds RMB 100 million, including:

Lin's wood industry, gujia home furnishing, haolaike, Nike, UNIQLO, Adie, Semia, jackjones, Belle, GXG, only, camel shoes group, bosden, VeroModa, Anta, Procter & Gamble, bailing, barabarabara, three squirrels, Xiaomi, apple, glory, Haier, Midea, Huawei, oaks, kevos, Hisense, Philips SUPOR

according to Alibaba, in the first two hours of this year's "double 11", 105 brands had sales of more than 100 million

based on this calculation, tmall's "double 11" performance this year is likely to exceed 200billion

according to China Fund News, Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba group, predicted that the "double 11" package volume would exceed 1billion this year. According to the data, the number of packages in 2017 was 812million, an increase of 23%. At this growth rate, the market predicts that the trading volume of the double 11 this year will be about 196billion. "

the ten-year road of" double 11 "

this year is the tenth year of" double 11 ". In the past decade, the Taobao/tmall manufacturing festival has attracted the participation of major e-commerce platforms, and its sales data trend has even become a wind vane for the entire retail industry

among them, Alibaba's "double 11" also increased from the initial sales of 52million to 168.2 billion in 2017, an increase of nearly 3234 times in nine years

in addition, the cost input and sales performance of and Suning Tesco during the "double 11" period have also increased significantly in recent years

among them, JD placed 127.1 billion orders in 2017. During the 2017 event of Suning Tesco, the omni channel achieved 163% growth

the express industry is also honored.

"double 11" in addition to the retail sector, the logistics sector is also one of the market focus

according to the securities times, the rookie announced on Saturday (November 10) that more than 2million yuan will be given out during the "double 11" period, and the outstanding couriers will be highly rewarded

among them, 1111 five-star couriers will each receive 1111 Dream Fund. On the same day, rookies also teamed up with major Chinese express companies such as Yuantong, Zhongtong and Shentong to launch the "city Superman" care plan. Rookies' post stations and express points in more than 50 cities across the country provided free ginger tea to the express brother to dispel the cold, and joined hands with Gaode to launch the double 11 "warm heart map"

according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, from May to August 2018, the cumulative value of retail sales and the cumulative value of retail sales of physical goods gradually increased, with a growth rate of 28.2%-37.3%. In the past three years, the average growth rate of retail sales in China has been about 30%

according to the statistics reported by Galaxy Securities, the operating revenue of China's express industry has increased rapidly in the past 10 years, from 40.8 billion in 2008 to 49.57 billion in 2017, with an average annual growth rate of 30.97%, with obvious characteristics of rapid growth

it is worth noting that from the monthly express business volume data over the years, the express business volume above designated size has increased steadily, with an average monthly year-on-year increase of 44.07%. Among them, the value reached a phased peak of 4.71 billion in November 2017, which was mainly driven by e-commerce "double 11" and other activity factors, which stimulated online consumption and thus increased the express business volume. The data from November 2014 to 2017 can reflect the impact of "double 11" on the business volume. The law of operating income is similar

according to China Fund News, the State Post Office issued a "warning" earlier. During the "double 11" this year, the volume of postal (express) pieces handled by the whole industry from November 11 to 16 will exceed 1.87 billion

channel "sinking" trend

the difference between institutions on the "double 11" performance also reflects the tight dividend on the front line. In fact, the major Internet giants have already turned their attention to offline

according to iResearch, Alibaba launched the "double 11" partnership plan for the first time this year. Online platforms such as tmall, taopiao, Gaode map, Xianyu, and word of mouth, as well as offline consumption scenes such as HEMA and hungry, as well as Alibaba's offline strategic partners such as Yintai mall, incredibly home, RT mart, will all invest in the "double 11" battlefield

Ali showed his full strength in the new retail track without any concealment, leaving no room for competitors

at the same time, other e-commerce giants are also taking action

according to investors, at the 2018 global intelligent logistics summit, JD logistics for the first time released six product systems, including JD supply chain, JD express, JD cold chain, JD express, JD cross-border and JD cloud warehouse, to strengthen JD's logistics advantage in the competition

in addition, the old retail giants represented by Suning, through the "Online + offline" overall layout in recent years, have extended their tentacles to the fields of finance, logistics, culture and sports, and are transforming into new consumer giants

among them, Suning Tesco proposed that the price should be high within 30 days and no reason should be given to return the goods. The return should be guaranteed within 30 days and the replacement should be guaranteed within 365 days; For express delivery, half day delivery, same day delivery and next day delivery are enabled

from October 20 to November 12, 2018, Suning Tesco launched a "national Carnival", focusing on online and offline Omni channels and eight industrial linkages. Nearly 10000 full-scale stores across the country will participate in this large-scale event

in fact, during the "double 11" in 2017, major offline traditional retail enterprises also began to gradually participate in the "double 11" activities, showing the strength of offline channels

still facing the performance test

after ten years, the market began to disagree about the performance of "double 11"

Everbright Securities retail industry research report believes that Alibaba has recently reduced its revenue guidance for fiscal year 2019 by% and points out that the reason for the reduction is "in view of the uncertainty of the current 28 conditions for applying for Chinese patents in the macro-economy", so it is predicted that the "double 11" data this year may show a stable performance, and it is estimated that the overall growth rate is 20%-25%, which is a certain decrease compared with the growth rate of about 39% last year

people have been exploring various experimental methods for testing steel wire rope and trying to control the performance of steel wire rope. Huatai Securities Research Report believes that tmall's "double 11" will show three changes in 2018, which is expected to drive the transaction volume to continue to maintain a high-speed growth. Including:

1. With the full support of Alibaba's life entertainment business, tmall's traffic is expected to increase significantly. This year, all entities under Alibaba's digital media and entertainment sector, including Feizhu, Youku, Xiami music, UC browser, Gaode map and Xianyu, will fully participate in the "double 11" of tmall

2. The trend of consumers' double line shopping is obvious, and the "double 11" offline channels are expanded again. This year, the offline stores of Alibaba's HEMA, RT mart and incredibly home will fully participate in the "double 11" activities of tmall for the first time; JD will join forces with offline x unmanned supermarket, 7fresh and other innovative formats to participate; Suning's "double 11" this year takes "Suning on the street" as the theme, and more than 6000 offline stores such as Suning cloud store, red child, Su Xiansheng, retail cloud and Suning store will participate

3. Shopping is socialized, and the "social + e-commerce" model is expected to provide greater help. This year, the social e-commerce industry developed rapidly, and the effect of the "e-commerce + social" model has been verified

with the support of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs,

therefore, the report believes that this year's "double 11" all Gmv increased by 35%-40%, of which tmall Gmv increased by 30%-35%

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