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To250a diesel generator welder Power generation welding machine

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to250a diesel generator welder. After the generator welder stops its task, it must cut off the sundries and splash the slag like a star 1.

when the welder stops its task, it should first cut off the power supply and air source, and finally close the water source.

the welder is out of service for a long time, and the moving parts that are not painted must be coated with anti rust grease to prevent parts from rusting.

the development of control boxes such as aircraft resistant aluminum can be roughly divided into the following stages: For long-term shutdown, in order to prevent moisture immersion, power on and heat for 30 minutes every month. If the thyristor is changed, it should also be preheated for 30 minutes. The preheating of normal task control box is more than 5 minutes, otherwise it is easy to produce reverse arc or control loss

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