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The tobacco packaging industry has ushered in new opportunities for development

in the Framework Convention on tobacco control, the packaging provisions prohibit the use of words such as "low tar", "light taste", "ultra light taste" or "soft" on cigarette packs, and also rotate the use of large, clear, eye-catching and clear health warnings on cigarette packs

new health warnings, such as those introduced by the European Union and many countries, have created a chaotic situation on the shelves: the consumption activity not only focuses on the innovation ability of university students who are a great challenge to the East Light Industry and even the industry, but also sees the newly designed cigarette packs, and many brands have changed their image. However, foreign packaging designers have realized that new opportunities are brewing behind these unexpected chaos

facing the new challenges faced by tobacconists, the packaging industry provides solutions from three aspects

one aspect of the solution is the shape of the package and the use of new materials. Foreign cigarette packaging experts continue to seek new strategies and find some more creative solutions. They have made a series of innovations: for example, by introducing new materials such as recyclable plastic or metal boxes, they can start from a production line. New printing methods, such as using special decoration or hot aluminum foil, special ink such as high brightness metal texture or phosphorescent ink, printing film, and using attractive anti-counterfeiting results, such as holograms or knife cut edges of cigarette boxes, have changed the shape of cigarette boxes and more attracted the attention of smokers

on the other hand, the solution is to weaken the impact of these warnings on the brand image of cigarettes by designing the position of the picture of health warnings on the cigarette box

packaging designers are actively studying the loopholes of rules to explore solutions to minimize the impact of health warnings. For example, the European Union does not restrict that health warnings must be placed at the bottom of cigarette packs. Therefore, the designer suggests that they should be placed on the top of the cigarette box or even the warning should be inverted, and the health warning should be rotated 90 degrees. In addition, it is also proposed to redesign the cigarette case and put the brand name in a bold black box, just like a health warning. Another way is to mislead information. For example, put the warning "smoking is fatal" into a picture of a chimney or traffic jam

the third scheme is to design a cigarette case cover that can cover the disgusting health warnings on the cigarette case. Dr. Jung of the German company has developed similar products. Similar products can be found in the Canadian market. For example, the company used cigarette case covers with pictures of famous people warning that smoking can kill the spirit of innovation to cover up health warnings

therefore, the world of cigarette packaging is more colorful, and even more exciting due to the chaotic situation that began to appear on the shelves. In the face of the great changes in cigarette packaging, energy saving and material saving have become the focus of the extrusion processing industry. Does China's packaging industry think that it is winning a new development opportunity

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