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Since its inception, yimeide has adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, quality first", promoted the spirit of integrity, set an industry model, served the public with a high sense of responsibility, and adhered to quality. Every day is 3 ・ 15

March 15 every year is China's consumer rights day. With the improvement of the quality of life and spiritual demands, people pay more attention to the issue of consumer integrity

the theme of the 2019 consumption rights protection year, "credit makes consumption more secure", contains four meanings. First, call for accelerating the construction of credit system in the field of consumption and creating a safe and secure consumption environment; Second, advocate operators to operate in good faith according to law; Third, encourage and guide consumers to claim their own rights and interests according to law; Fourth, give full play to the role of the consumer association in supervising goods and services

since its inception, yimeide has adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, quality first", promoted the spirit of integrity, established an industry model, and served the public with a high sense of responsibility. So far, the yimeide project has been spread over more than 20 provinces in the country and has been widely recognized by the market

adhere to quality and pursue excellence

Iraqi virtue adheres to the spirit of German craftsmanship, fully absorbs the essence of German doors and windows, takes meeting the actual needs of consumers as the core, integrates European door and window design concepts, and creates safe, sealed and high-quality door and window products

yimeide has strict requirements on production and has established a perfect management system. Each process is meticulous and carefully handled to ensure that the ex factory products are qualified and up to standard

in terms of raw materials and accessories, yimeide strictly controls them. The titanium magnesium aluminum alloy profile extruded with high-purity raw aluminum has properties up to 6063-T5 national standard, and the thickness reaches or even exceeds the national standard

Imade has established strategic cooperative relations with hobo and siglia of Germany, and large quantities of accessories made in Germany are used to make doors and windows more durable and safer

keep the original intention unchanged and practice it to the end

integrity day is not just March 15? The original intention of yimeide doors and windows remains unchanged, and we will persevere to practice integrity to the end





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