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On the weekend, I went to the new house where I had just finished cleaning and opened the windows for ventilation. Sitting on the empty floor, I looked around at the fruits of this hard work for more than two months. It was like rebirth

on the weekend, I went to the new house where I had just finished cleaning, opened the windows for ventilation, sat on the empty floor and looked around at the fruits of this hard work for more than two months. It was like rebirth

my wife and I are both novices in decoration. We are usually busy with work and have a poor budget. We really don't have time to look at samples and compare prices all over Shanghai, so we are determined to buy group. After observing several group buying websites, my wife decided to buy Shanghai group buying website. I went to their group buying meeting at the weekend to see the samples and make an order. All the way down, I also bought a lot of materials. It was going well originally, and I was secretly glad. Unexpectedly, there is a saying that goes well: don't be happy too soon

let's explain the background first. What we do at home is half a bag. Originally, it's not our turn to worry about the plate. The thing happened after my wife went to listen to the decoration lecture of Shanghai group purchase network. That time seemed to be about auxiliary materials. When she came back from listening, she pretended to be a professional and checked all kinds of materials piled up in the hall by the construction team one by one. When she found the board, she was furious. The board that the construction team brought us in felt particularly irritable on the surface and smelled great. It sounded stuffy when struck with fingers, just like hitting on rotten wood. We negotiated with the construction team for several times and insisted that we buy boards by ourselves - they all said that the formaldehyde of inferior boards seriously exceeded the standard, which was related to our lives, so we should not be careless

as usual, I placed an order on the Shanghai group purchase website. The excellent three-layer board of Moganshan is guaranteed, and the upper group will not sell fake and shoddy products. I didn't expect that the front foot of the board was sent to the site, and the back foot of the carpenter called, saying that there was a problem with the board, which is hollow and can't be used. Impatient rushed to the construction site, and sure enough, we saw many hollows in the middle of the sawn board. The carpenter's words made us angry: “ You bought it yourself& rdquo;

we were confused. The full amount of this three-layer board has been paid, 9868 yuan! I was so angry that I went to the forum of Shanghai group buying website to complain: we didn't tell each other about the delay of our construction period, and we had to be laughed at by the construction team. Moreover, the most critical thing was that my trust in the group was passively shaken: if there was a problem with Moganshan, who could guarantee that there was no problem with the ceramic tile floor toilet I bought before? So my request is not to exchange, but to refund one for one

on the same day, one of their customer service called me, asked me about my general situation, and asked me to take photos of the faulty three-layer board and send it to her. I rushed to the construction site to take photos the next day. I was so angry that I ran back and forth. I was half tired. I saw the carpenter's face turned up at the corner of my mouth for the second time. After taking the photos, send them to the customer service of the last group and be told that they are contacting the business. No way, angry and other news, at the same time, my heart was at sixes and sevens, I didn't know whether this matter could be solved, and how long it would take to solve it

on the third day, I accidentally received a call from the previous group, saying that they would send a supervisor to inspect our plates on the spot. The supervisor was quite punctual. He arrived at the construction site at the same time as us at the appointed time. He carefully checked the sawn board and sampled several other pieces, and then said to me, who was waiting anxiously, that there was indeed a hollow phenomenon in this board, and he would go back and give feedback. So far, I've had half a reassuring pill. Your supervisor admitted that there was a problem, and I can't afford it? It should be no problem to return, but I can't just return. I have to ask for compensation

on the fourth day, the group called me again and said that they were negotiating my complaint requirements with the merchants

on the fifth day, I asked me to go to the group in two days to negotiate with the merchants

I didn't expect such a quick result. The attitude of the Shangtuan group is quite clear: there is a problem with things, and the merchants should return them. If they delay my construction period, they should also compensate; The attitude of the merchants is also acceptable. They admit that the board is hollow, but emphasize that there are many reasons for the hollow board, such as careless transportation. I have the support of the upper regiment, and I don't want to be unreasonable and unforgiving. Originally, it's the king's way to solve the problem and let me go back to work with my wife. As a result of the final negotiation, this batch of plates will be returned in full and another batch will be given to us. At the same time, the merchant will compensate me with 8000 yuan in cash

this complaint and claim ended with my success. If I still have a chance to install a second house in this life, I should still consider Shanghai group purchase. The after-sales service is good. Alas, house prices in Shanghai have risen again. Try to make money





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