Qijia picture show exquisite and small mini Basin

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Qijia picture show: exquisite and small mini basin

[netizen “ woshimuzi1982 (stupid) ” comments]

speaking of dengle, all the sanitary wares in my family are theirs

my bathroom has been tangled for a month, and I couldn't pick up the goods from the beginning, There was a problem with the next delivery. By last week, I had tangled and even complained before delivering everything at once Up to now, my basin and faucet can't be used, so I have to exchange them

I was so tangled that I hung up on Xiao Li's phone and even got angry with their leader on the phone

but now, I'm very satisfied. Don't worry about your previous mistakes

because when they knew that the basin and faucet delivered to me were not suitable for my family, they actively helped me to exchange goods; Because we have to consider the reasons for the construction period and our actual situation. Dengle bathroom Xiao Liu sent me an electronic atlas on the Internet and recommended a good DD suitable for me

next, take a look at my Denler bathroom:

Mini Basin




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