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Spring is the peak season for decoration. Many owners who choose to decorate in the new year also start a busy decoration life in the year. The decoration process, requirements and precautions are different in each season. As a windy and dry season, Xi'an decoration company reminds you that you should pay more attention to many details in spring decoration

first, don't choose damp wood, store it carefully to prevent deformation

when purchasing wood, be sure to go to large wholesalers, not small shops on the street. Because the timber of large wholesalers is generally dried at the place of origin and then transported in containers. The wholesalers pick up the goods directly from the containers and then transport them to the houses of the decoration owners, which correspondingly reduces the chance of the timber being affected by moisture. If you don't feel at ease, you might as well ask to use a hygrometer to inspect the humidity of the wood when you buy it, so you can be foolproof. It should be reminded that after the timber is bought back, it should be put in the house for twoorthree days, and then the construction can be carried out after it adapts to the local atmosphere. Before construction, the ground shall be kept dry and the damp proof course shall be paved. In this way, the wood will basically not be deformed again

second, look at the moisture content of ceramic tiles to prevent cracks. Ceramic tiles have a variety of patterns, and pay attention to their moisture content when purchasing in spring. The products with smooth and delicate surface, glittering and translucent luster and soft touch without gloss are those with good water content. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the difference between ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic bricks have small water absorption, fine structure, crisp and pleasant knocking sound, while ceramic bricks have high water absorption, many structural holes, and dull knocking sound. Porcelain tiles with low water absorption are not easy to crack under the change of temperature difference between day and night in spring. In addition, when choosing materials, you must choose elastic latex paint and adhesive, and then add a band to prevent spring breeze from rising, and the corner line is easy to dry and break

third, choose a decoration company to sign a formal contract

formal decoration companies mainly for home decoration, most of them have a one-year warranty to the owners, and they have their own unique skills on the moisture-proof problem in spring. Therefore, insiders suggest that it is particularly important to invite formal decoration companies to carry out decoration in spring. But if please “ Guerrillas ” When decorating, you have to be a little more tired. After choosing a company, you should first visit their office location, understand the reputation of the company, and keep their phone number. If problems are found, they should be reported to the municipal decoration industry association and the municipal consumer committee in a timely manner. Contracts are important for consumers to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests “ Weapons ”, Therefore, when signing a family decoration contract, we must be more thoughtful. In the process of signing the decoration contract, consumers should pay special attention to the name of the company, that is, the name of the contractor on the contract should be consistent with the name on the business license of the decoration company, and try not to omit the items that need to be filled in after both parties reach an agreement in the contract; After the contract is signed, it must be stamped with the official seal of the decoration company. In addition, we should also pay attention to whether the relevant regulations on repair and maintenance services at the later stage of decoration are specified. Be sure to listen to the decoration party's plan on waterproof and moisture-proof, and sign a one-year warranty contract with the decoration party, so that you can negotiate with the decoration party about the decoration problems exposed due to seasonal changes

IV. lay the floor, reserve expansion joints, and don't lay the rocker

when using the board on the construction site, it should be padded with wooden squares, and it can't be placed directly on the ground, let alone in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other damp places. During coating construction, the base course moisture-proof primer cannot be saved. Pay attention to ventilation after painting, and strive to dry to the greatest extent. In addition, you can choose to stick lining cloth when dealing with the base course of the wall to ensure that the wall will not crack. It is best to do waterproof and moisture-proof treatment first when paving wooden floors. The normal procedure is: use pearl cotton or asphalt for priming, and then leave expansion joints when installing the floor. In this way, the floor will not be warped, nor will it be black and moldy due to moisture. During construction, the installation workers must be asked to leave enough expansion joints, so that the floor will not be warped when summer comes. At the same time, pay attention to keeping the indoor air dry. It is hot in spring, and the paint dries slowly after painting, and a layer of fog will be produced after the paint absorbs the moisture in the air, so it is generally necessary to use a drying agent to make the paint dry faster. Similarly, latex paint is not easy to dry, and it will be moldy and odorous if it is not done well. This requires that the air conditioner be turned on after construction to remove moisture completely





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