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The range hood is now a necessary kitchen appliance for every family. An ideal range hood product should not only have a beautiful appearance and good smoke exhaust effect, but also be able to match different styles of kitchen furniture decoration, and the price should be moderate. Therefore, when purchasing range hoods, consumers need to master some basic selection methods and key points to avoid stepping into the misunderstanding of purchasing

1. Motor quality:

the most important component of the range hood is the motor that drives the wind wheel. At present, the quality of domestic motors can fully meet the design requirements of the range hood. Do not blindly believe in imported motors when purchasing, resulting in increased purchase costs

bearing is an important part of motor. When purchasing, pay attention to the motor with double ball bearings, which has long service life and low noise

in addition, choose the one equipped with all metal plastic spraying wind wheel, which is solid and durable, stable performance, and conducive to the separation of oil smoke

2. Motor power:

suction is an important functional index of the range hood, and the size of suction directly affects the smoking effect of the range hood. The size of the suction depends on the power of the motor. The greater the power of the motor, the greater the suction

should we choose the range hood with the largest motor power on the market

in fact, it is not. It should be determined according to the population of your family. If there are not many members in the family, and the taste is light, and they don't like boiling and stir frying when cooking, they won't produce a lot of lampblack, and it doesn't matter if the motor power is small

3. Number of wind wheels:

at present, most range hoods on the market are installed with one wind wheel, but a few are installed with two wind wheels

are two wind wheels better than one? In fact, whether it is two wind turbines or one wind turbine, the oil smoke discharged goes through the same flue

if the left and right wind turbines operate at the same time, it is difficult to maintain the same wind force. In this way, the uneven air flow discharged by the two wind turbines collides, which will increase the burden and loss of the motor. Especially after a period of time, the smoke exhaust effect may be greatly reduced

4. Functional configuration and cleaning:

the range hood is smoked and burned all day long, which is easy to be polluted by oil stains and dirt, which not only affects health and beauty, but also affects the normal operation and service life of the range hood to varying degrees. Therefore, whether the range hood is convenient for cleaning or self-cleaning is very important

at present, some self-cleaning functions are added to the range hood in the market, such as: the surface of the wind wheel adopts an oil-free coating; The box body adopts seamless design and double oil circuit design, and an inclined oil spill opening groove is added to make the oil accumulated on the inner wall of the box flow into the oil receiving cup along the chute, so as to prevent oil dripping; The box body adopts easy disassembly structure, which is convenient for cleaning; The streamline smoke guide plate design of the German Italian range hood comprehensively improves the negative pressure, balances the smoke and oil filtering, and realizes "no disassembly, no washing and no screen change"

the above self-cleaning functions are reasonable and effective, which users should know when selecting range hoods





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