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1、 Didn't you think of it? Diatom mud can also improve sleep.

now the latest version of diatom mud in Guangzhou, after decoration, in the diatom mud on the wall, it can release a large number of 1900 negative oxygen ions per square centimeter per second, and it is also known as vitamins in the air. Negative oxygen ions in the newly decorated house with diatomite will float around in the gas, which can make the indoor air as fresh as nature. In addition, diatom mud decoration material can also release far-infrared rays indoors, which can pass through the blood circulation of the nervous system and arteries of the human brain, and then can effectively regulate the impact of human body and physiological activities, which can improve people's sleep quality

second, diatom mud manufacturer technicians said that there is also a very practical advantage, that is, it can remove all kinds of flavors produced by human or environmental pollution in the house, such as seafood and fish odor, dog's body odor or cigarette odor, which can effectively control and keep the air fresh in the house

third, decorating walls with diatom mud can also prevent moisture

according to the experiment of Guangzhou diatom mud manufacturer, the humidity control performance of diatomite is actually 3 to 5 times that of long charcoal and bamboo charcoal we usually use. In general, when moisture occurs in the house, the micropores of diatom mud on the wall can suck the water molecules in the gas into the wall and store them inside; When the surrounding air is dry, it will automatically release water molecules for humidity control treatment, so everyone has a vivid name for diatom mud, called 'breathing wall'. It does not need artificial humidification, power supply or human control, but it can keep the humidity of the air in the house at the most comfortable temperature of 35 to 55 degrees. When the gas in the house is kept at a humidity of 35 to 55, the mold and mites in the house cannot survive, which comes from it It can not only eliminate the virus and infectious disease bacteria in the gas, but also avoid the occurrence of damp quilt and clothes and moldy corners





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