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September 10, 2020 glass express

at present, there are 1.476 million glass related enterprises in China. In 2019, the number of newly registered enterprises reached 291000, a year-on-year increase of 22.68%. In the first half of this year, 154000 enterprises were newly added, a year-on-year increase of 11.6%. In terms of regional distribution, Guangdong ranks first with 322000 enterprises, followed by Shandong and Jiangsu. In addition, 80% of the enterprises with a registered capital of less than 5million in the whole industry are in terms of unit production energy consumption

today, the 2020 Guangzhou international glass exhibition will officially open in zone B of Pazhou Canton Fair

glass Market:

the price of some enterprises in the Northwest market rose to 100 yuan/heavy container

the domestic float glass spot market was stable and small. The market price is adjusted sporadically, along with the downstream processing enterprises and real estate enterprises. 9. Displacement measurement accuracy stroke accuracy: ± B. sample data: provide all sample data set by the user within 0.5%; The industry has gradually accepted the newly implemented prices, and the overall production and sales situation of production enterprises is gradually improving. At the same time, the social inventory of traders has also decreased to a certain extent recently, and the total amount is basically the same as that of the same period last year

the North China market is operating steadily, the production and sales in Shahe region are acceptable, the terminal maintains rigid replenishment, the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan market changes little, and the enterprise mainly ships at a stable price; The production and sales of enterprises in East China market are slightly differentiated, and the market trading is slightly cautious; The low and middle end market prices in South China have recently corrected, and the downstream is cautious in taking goods, mainly to digest social inventory; The transaction focus in the Northwest market moved upward, and the price of individual enterprises rose to 100 yuan/heavy container. BASF company in the regional inventory is very concerned about the quality and safety standards of such products, and has good confidence in the low market. It is expected that the inventory pressure of short-term production enterprises will be small, and the downstream rigid demand will support, and the market may stabilize

cost side:

soda ash: the market continues to rise, and the manufacturer's profitability has improved significantly

Market: Recently, the domestic soda ash market has continued to rise, and the profitability of soda ash manufacturers has improved significantly. The overall operating load of soda ash manufacturers has increased slightly, the spot price has increased significantly, and some end users insist on purchasing on demand. Soda ash manufacturers have sufficient orders, and some of them are short of supply. The domestic soda ash market may be stable in the short term

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