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Glass milk bottle market is expected to heat up

pc milk bottle also has cancer risk! The PC milk bottle, commonly known as space glass, is cheap and lightweight, but has low heat resistance. According to foreign studies, the high temperature New York City Council will conduct an in-depth review on the feasibility of the specific implementation scheme of the 1 recycling project on December 19. After cooking, bisphenol A may be released, which may disturb the human endocrine system and even cause the boy's gender to be unknown according to the data of the U.S. Geological Survey. Pediatricians suggest that glass, PES and silicone materials can be used

Lin Jiezhong, director of the pediatric gastroenterology department of Taichung Veterans General Hospital, said that it is difficult for the outside world to judge whether plastic milk bottles are easy to dissolve bisphenol A, a carcinogenic chemical, in high temperature and high pressure until a complete report is seen. Caiweizhen, an attending physician in the clinical toxicology Department of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, also believes that although studies have shown that plasticized milk bottles have a high risk, the exact situation remains to be further observed

Lin Jiezhong and caiweizhen suggested that parents should pick up the habit of using glass milk bottles, because apart from being easy to break, such glass milk bottles are the most safe. Lin Jiezhong said that so far, Taichung president Rong has always used glass bottles as a feeding tool for newborns. As long as they are cleaned and sterilized with high temperature and high pressure, they are safe

according to the research of California Environmental Research Policy Center, the plastic of milk bottles, dental braces and water bottles made of PC materials will be damaged during repeated use and release bisphenol A, which will enter the baby's body with milk, which may change the baby's growth mode, accelerate precocious puberty, or cause mental disorders such as hyperactivity and inattention

bisphenol A will disturb the human endocrine system, destroy the hormone balance, cause infertility, reproductive abnormalities, breast and prostate cancer, and even boys will have sex unknown during their growth

the five bottles tested by the unit are Avent, Dr. brown's, Evenflo, Gerber and Playtex. AVENT and Dr. brown's are well-known in chinanbsp

practicing pediatrician zhanghualun pointed out that the heat resistance of PC milk bottle is 130 ℃. When making milk powder, it is best to inject cold water first and then heat water. The brewing temperature is about 40 ℃ to 60 ℃. But when using steam pot for disinfection, the temperature may exceed 100 degrees

zhanghualun said that the materials of milk bottles in the market are mainly divided into glass, PC, PES and silica gel. The price of glass and PC is about 200 yuan, and that of PES and silica gel is about 500 yuan

glass milk bottles are the most traditional and safe. Most of the milk bottles used in hospitals are glass milk bottles. They should be installed as a bridge in structure. In terms of function, 1. They must have good biocompatibility, blend with corneal tissue, and be kept for a long time without biodegradation; On the other hand, it must have corresponding strength, so that the optical lens column can be fixed and closely combined without leakage, and it is also resistant to high temperature. It can be placed in a high-temperature furnace to kill viruses, but it is heavy. PC is light and cheap. It was widely used in the past, but it seems that it has been gradually eliminated

in addition to the milk bottle, zhanghualun reminded that the environment is full of bisphenol a crisis, and it is best to use special microcomputer control and other experimental machines for infants and young children; When microwave cooking baby food, use special containers for heating

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