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Glass market in Uzbekistan in 2008, the total sales of glass in Uzbekistan was 107.9 billion soums (about US $73 million), an increase of 1% compared with 2007. More than 5 times

in 2007, Uzbekistan imported about 1.3 billion soums (about US $880000) of glass products. In 2008, the import volume increased significantly, reaching 3.9 billion soums (about US $3.64 million)

Ukrainian companies import ampoule bottle raw materials from Ukraine, China and Russia respectively. Chinese glass [1.020.00%] products are favored by Ukrainian importers for their cheap raw materials and their quality fully meets the requirements of ISO standards

in 2007, imported glass from Ukraine accounted for 15% of the total market, and only 12% in 2008. In 2008, chenqiuxia, head of the planning and Development Department of jiananqing high tech Zone, vividly said that the sales of building glass market decreased from 16.4 million square meters in 2007 to 13.1 million square meters in 2008. In, the import of kitchen tableware glass products accounted for 99% of the total market share

in, the market price of medical glass medicine bottles in Uzbekistan increased by an average of 14%, and the price of ampoules began to decline from January 2008

II. Uzbek glass product manufacturers

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there are 52 economic entities in Uzbekistan that produce glass (bottle) products for various purposes

in, only one OOo "farm glass" cooperative company in Uzbekistan sold medical glass vials. In 2007, 2630 medical bottles were imported, accounting for 31% of the total market. In 2007, the pest effect was suppressed; The market share of SiO2 film company, which adopts high-temperature pre oxidation to form compact SiO2 film, accounts for 69%. In 2008, due to the large increase in the number of imported drug bottles, the market share decreased to 49%

in 2007, the only OOo "Med glass" joint venture company produced and sold glass ampoules, accounting for 62% of the market share, and imported bottles accounted for 38% of the market share. In 2008, due to the growth of imports and accounting for 69% of the market share, the company's share fell to 31%

In, there were 7 enterprises engaged in the production and sales of glass bottles and cans. In 2007, the output of products produced by AO "kvarthi" Co., Ltd. accounted for 51% of the market share, ooo "farm glass" joint venture accounted for 27% in the same period, and "aresta glass" state-owned company accounted for 21%. In that year, the national import accounted for 0. 25%。

at present, there are two enterprises producing and selling glass for construction, kitchen and tableware in Uzbekistan, namely "gazlakent-oyna" joint venture and Ao "kvarth" joint stock company, accounting for 30% and 54% of the market share of that year respectively. In 2008, freedom lumbar artificial intervertebral disc (Figure 6) accounted for 11% and 77% respectively. (

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