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Shahe documentary of glass Market Research: talk about the price rise of "glass city"

the market in August this year is bound to be exciting. In addition to the "Rio Olympic Games", the domestic glass market has also seen eye-catching "madness". The glass spot market as a whole set off a wave of "upsurge" of price rise. The whole market was detonated, and the continuous rise was "astonishing". Although there is still some time before the traditional "golden nine and silver ten" peak season of the glass market, the "soaring" coming in advance has brought the glass market into a "boiling" period in advance

in this regard, he made a special trip to Hebei from August 22 to 23 to make a field visit to the Shahe region, the market vane. At the same time, he also connected with people in the glass market in East China, Shandong, central China, Guangzhou, etc., to explore the story behind the "boom", and also made an in-depth investigation into the authenticity of the current glass market

cause: the "price rise storm" attracted attention

"one leaf knows the autumn". For the glass market, the continuous "price rise", "low inventory" and "looting" mean that the "peak season" of the market has come

one morning in early August, a message from Shahe dealers in the circle of friends attracted the attention of futures. "Dear old and new customers, recently the unit price of glass has been rising continuously, the manufacturer's inventory is low, and some manufacturers have stopped invoicing in the afternoon. Therefore, customers in urgent need of goods, please make an order in the morning. It is normal that the trucks can't load the goods in the factory. Please forgive the inconvenience." The news was confirmed to be true on the same day. But the problem is that this time point is still some time away from the arrival of the traditional peak season. Is it just a periodic market

this doubt was soon dispelled, only because there were pictures of Shahe waiting in line to pull goods and the low inventory of the manufacturer. Not only that, recently, the news of glass price rise has flooded the circle of friends almost every day, and the spot market is "singing all the way"

"the market is so 'hot', I want to have a look". My inner thoughts have prompted me to embark on the road to Shahe. Seeing is believing. At least reality can give the most real answer

scene: it is more "Crazy" than expected.

Shahe City, known as "China's glass city", is located in the south of Hebei Province, at the eastern foot of Taihang Mountain. Its glass output accounts for 15% of the country's total output. On both sides of the expressway from Xingtai east to Shahe City, various advertising slogans of glass factories and glass processing can be seen everywhere. In addition to various colorful advertisements, the back and forth wagons on both sides of the road have also become a beautiful scenery on the expressway

outside the window, the glass on the truck was stacked neatly on the iron frame, and the glass trucks roared past

"some of the glass trucks you see are sent to the surrounding areas of Shahe, and some are sent to other areas. From the fineness of the glass packaging on the trucks, it can be seen that the film reinforcement is generally a long-distance shipment." A friend of Shahe Xiaowu said

"are there so many glass cars these days?" Asked curiously

"generally, trucks will run on the road at this time of noon. If it's 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning, more people will load and pull goods. Recently, it's not surprising to see so many trucks on the road." Xiao Wu said with a smile, "you see, the car that just passed by is a car that pulls broken glass. Like this, it is a long-distance car. It pulls the glass when it goes and the broken glass when it comes back to be used as raw materials." He told that recently, the number of cars pulling broken glass has also increased, which also reflects from the side that glass has indeed been digested by the tempering plant

entering Shahe City, there are several red empty trucks parked in the middle of a road. Xiaowu said that such trucks should have been pulled several times in the morning, and the work of the day is almost finished

"so early, the work is finished?" Asked

"there is a shortage of goods. Every day the manufacturers count the goods. The dealers who can make several deliveries should still have some 'strength'." Xiao Wu frankly said that the current "price competition" stresses price competition, but sometimes even the "price competition" will fail to deliver the goods. The only way is to return the goods empty, and then increase the price from other traders who have goods

it is surprising that "bidding", a bidding method in which buyers bid one after another to determine their trading volume and price through competition, actually appears in the current Shahe glass market

it is understood that at present, in addition to the normal daily increase of glass prices in Shahe, dealers will continue to raise prices on this basis, and the price increase is crazy, ranging from 10% to 70-80%

a glass dealer in Shahe told that glass dealers in Shahe area have "follow the trend", and no one is willing to miss the good market situation. If they grab it, they will make a profit

"due to the limited supply of goods in the market, in order to rush the arrival of goods, many dealers park their trucks outside the factory door before 5 o'clock every morning and wait in line by number for the factory to open at 8 o'clock to pull the goods." He disclosed that sometimes there are multiple prices in one day. Many dealers choose to buy the goods first, and then talk to the manufacturer about raising the price. They are afraid that the set price will change again

passing the factory of Xinli glass and Zhengda glass, I saw that there were still some waiting or loading trucks in the factory. On both sides of the road outside the factory, trucks pulling glass also passed here from time to time

it is mentioned that there are few goods. It is observed from some glass factory warehouses that the huge factory warehouses are empty. Empty glass shelves occupy the "main role", and there are only scattered inventories at most

according to the relevant person in charge of Shahe Glass Group, the sales of Shahe glass's original pieces in stock are closely related to the market. Unlike other foreign enterprises, a single enterprise may formulate some sales policies. Shahe discount the sales volume, sales speed and inventory feedback to the market, and determine the production based on sales and price based on sales. "Since this year, the inventory of Shahe glass manufacturers has been at a low level. Recently, the manufacturers have basically no inventory, the stock is very small, and the production and sales rate is 100%."

just because of this, the current "madness" of seizing goods and raising prices in the Shahe market has been created

root cause: de capacity, rigid demand and export driven resonance

in the impression of people in Shahe "glass circle", glass prices have been singing all the way since, making the market exuberant. This situation only occurred in 2009

at that time, the release of 4trillion yuan by the state ignited the investment enthusiasm of the market. The whole building materials industry is soaring. Iron and steel and Henan union groups regard scientific and technological innovation as a powerful one wing for enterprises to become stronger and better. Cement, quartz sand, coal and soda ash are all rising sharply. "The tide rises and the boat rises" glass also has an amazing increase, and has suddenly entered the "40% high profit era"

what is different from that time is that the glass market is not rising as much this time, and the growth of raw materials is not very synchronous with that of glass, which is obviously weaker than that of glass

"in 2009, the rise of the whole industry was mainly driven by infrastructure. This time, it is more similar to the bottom rebound, which was caused by the improvement of the supply and demand fundamentals of the glass industry." The relevant person in charge of the glass group said that the improvement of the situation in the glass industry was also related to the "bankruptcy of China Resources" last year

it is understood that in late October last year, Jiangsu China Resources Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Resources) announced that it would stop production, liquidate, fire all employees, shut down all production lines, and the former industry leader officially withdrew from the stage of glass history

as the bankruptcy liquidation of Jiangsu China Resources is in the 14-15 year period of large-scale de capacity of the glass industry, and the number of cold repair/shutdown production lines has reached more than 80 within two years, the "collapse" of China Resources has been interpreted by many people in the industry as a substantive symbol of the industry reshuffle, and it is also a "phased achievement in the process of de capacity for many years" in the industry

"China Resources shut down many production lines in a short time, which not only eased the pressure of excess supply and demand in the local market, but also eased the market pressure in Hubei, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and the surrounding Shandong, Zhejiang and other places to a certain extent." According to Zhang Jun, an analyst at CITIC futures, the bankruptcy of China Resources last year has promoted the overall recovery of the glass market this year, and in the long run, it is also beneficial to the glass industry to resolve the problem of excess

after the previous de capacity, at present, the total domestic glass capacity is about 1billion heavy containers, with a utilization rate of 86. 04%, in a relatively high state, which is also the main reason for the current stable spot supply

the smooth shipment proves that the goods have been sold out. From the perspective of downstream market demand, glass sales are still mainly in the real estate market. Respondents generally believe that the real estate is good this year, and the rigid demand for glass does exist

it is understood that the completed area, sales area and consignment inventory of the real estate market have a positive impact on glass prices. At present, not only the first and second tier cities have good sales, but also the better third and fourth tier cities have begun to increase transactions

"in the first half of the year, real estate sales were very good. TPU is far from being used for 1 series of 3D printing. Take Xingtai as an example. A certain building launched a total of 400 Suites at the initial stage, but more than 700 customers participated in the queuing. The sales volume of Xingtai Evergrande real estate reached 600-700 million on the opening day, which is also a very considerable number locally." Xiao Wu's friend Xiao Chen from a sales department said so

similarly, in Shahe, 80% to 90% of the properties that were empty last year have been sold this year, and many people are still struggling to find houses

in the opinion of fanjianxiang, general manager of Dejin glass, there is still demand for improvement in the market at present. One part wants to change to a large area, and the other part of farmers' demand for housing in cities is also rising. These two points indicate that the demand for real estate is still there

in addition to real estate demand, deep processing and export have also become a highlight of Shahe glass demand

"recently, I can't sleep at about 11:00 p.m. every day. There are an endless stream of container trucks on the road outside the factory. One by one, they roar across the road, making a lot of noise." Zhuang Zichao from Chia Tai glass futures Department said frankly

more containers mean that exports have improved significantly. But it is true. During the investigation, it is learned that deep processing accounts for the main force in Shahe glass export

according to the relevant persons in charge of some deep-processing enterprises in Shahe, the external orders of deep-processing enterprises, especially Low-E and mirror making, are far better than the internal orders this year, and the export orders of environmental friendly inks have increased by about 25-40% year-on-year

"there are many foreign orders, with an increase of 30-40% compared with the same period last year. The increase in domestic orders also serves foreign trade." Yaozhihe, the general manager of Shahe Zhihe mirror industry, told us that the increase in foreign orders was mainly based on the supporting products. At the same time, it also exported some original lenses and finished mirror products. "The reason why the export increment is so large is that on the one hand, it is related to the current price rise in the glass raw sheet market, and on the other hand, it is related to the exchange rate of the US dollar. The people's depreciation has been devalued by more than 10%." He said that at present, the export of mirror making covers more than 50 countries, mainly in Vietnam and the United States. Compared with last year, the scope of exports has expanded a lot. "

at the same time, the amount of embossed and cloth glass in Shahe export is also large, and many trading companies in Qingdao

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