The hottest glass market saw a steady rise, with s

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The glass market saw a steady rise, with significant regional differences in transaction conditions

1. Today's overall review of float glass market

the weighted average price of float glass in China today is 1235. 06 yuan/ton, 0% higher than yesterday. 80 yuan/ton

today, the domestic float glass market rose partially. The market prices of some manufacturers in Shahe, North China rose slightly, and the prices of enterprises were basically stable. Some enterprises have plans to increase prices in the past two days; The price of Wuhu Xinyi in East China was increased by 1 yuan/weight box; The price of Jiangmen and Dongguan Xinyi white glass in South China was increased by 2 yuan/weight box; Xinyi of Southwest Deyang reduced the discount and increased the transaction price by 2 yuan/weight box; In other cities, the company obtained the formal consent of major shareholders and the formal resolution of the board of directors on march13,2017. In some areas, due to the impact of rainstorm weather, the shipment was blocked, and the customers' enthusiasm for receiving goods was not high

North China: today, the trading atmosphere in North China float glass market remains hot. Due to the recent increase in Shahe price, downstream users are also actively taking goods, and the market price of Yuanhua has increased slightly by 0.. 3 yuan/square meter, while safety, great wall and Xinli issued a notice to plan the price increase in the later period. The market performance of Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan was acceptable, and the quotation of Shanxi youth was raised by 0. 1 yuan/square meter, Tianjin Xinyi increased by 2 yuan/weight box

East China: today, the East China glass market is stable and dynamic. After the price of Wuhu Xinyi fell last month, the inventory was effectively reduced. Today, the price was increased by 1 yuan/weight box, and the old goods disposal activities were canceled; Although Tengzhou Jinjing rose slightly in some areas, the mainstream price remained at 63 yuan/weight box for thin plate and 65 yuan/weight box for thick plate. Recently, many rains in Jiangsu have affected the shipment of enterprises. The shipment of Donghai Taibo building glass is flat, and the qualified products are promoted again, of which the MM promotion price is 60 yuan/weight box, 6mm61 yuan/weight box, the first-class products are flexibly negotiated, and the mainstream transaction price is yuan/weight box

South China: the South China glass market saw a steady rise today. Jiangmen and Dongguan Xinyi notified white glass last night to increase the price by 2 yuan/weight box. Other manufacturers temporarily operated stably, and the overall market shipment continued to be tepid. Zhuochuang believes that the increase in Xinyi's quotation is mainly due to the group's policies after the end of the mid year report, which is generally related to the shipment situation in the local market, and there are still large policy preferences for the actual transaction. Other local enterprises mainly wait and see to maintain a reasonable price difference

central China: today, the glass market in Central China has a stable trend. Affected by the rainfall, some manufacturers in some regions are making shipments, and the inventory continues to increase. There is a phenomenon of price depression in downstream processing plants. The transaction in the original film market in Central China tends to be flexible. The mainstream transaction in Hubei local sales is in yuan/weight box, and the outward transaction is in yuan/weight box. The noise is quite small. Some big customers have heard of lower prices

other regions: in response to the group's price increase policy, Xinyi, Deyang, Southwest China, reduced its discount today, and the transaction price rose by 40 yuan/ton. Take the spring on the vehicle for example. The Northeast glass market fluctuated upward. The price of Benxi jade crystal rose by 1 yuan/weight box, and Yingkou Xinyi rose by 2 yuan/weight box. Today, the Northwest market is running relatively smoothly. After the early price drop of enterprises in Shaanxi, the volume of shipments is large. Xianyang Taibo plans to raise the price next Monday and return to the price before the drop

2。 Brief introduction to upstream market

soda ash: today, the domestic soda ash market has little change, and the market trading atmosphere is mild. Henan Junhua soda plant has been shut down for maintenance. Huainan Debang plans to shut down for maintenance for 10 days from July 10. The quotation of Huainan Debang soda ash has increased by 80 yuan/ton, and the price of Southern soda ash has increased by 50 yuan/ton. The soda ash market in Northeast China is mainly wait-and-see. The price of local light alkali mainstream delivered to the terminal is yuan/ton, and that of heavy alkali mainstream delivered to the terminal is yuan/ton

3。 Therefore, it is also decided to adopt the single arm approach. Today's futures market analysis

the main contract 1609 of Zhengzhou glass futures opened at 1092 yuan/ton, with the highest price of 1123 yuan/ton, the lowest price of 1087 yuan/ton, and closed at 1110 yuan/ton, up 36 yuan/ton, or 3%. 35%, the settlement price is 1108 yuan/ton; The opening price of 1701 today was 1092 yuan/ton, the highest price was 1123 yuan/ton, the lowest price was 1087 yuan/ton, and the closing price was 1126 yuan/ton, up 34 yuan/ton, or 3%. 11%, the settlement price is 1124 yuan/ton. 1609 has 256930 positions and 1701 has 80906 positions

4。 Future expectations

at present, the glass markets in North China, East China and South China still show signs of rising, but the actual transaction in some markets has slowed down. The price rise in some regions is actually a reduction in the preferential margin in the early stage, and the transaction remains flexible. The later inventory may be the main basis for the manufacturer to adjust the price, and there may be looseness after partial price rise

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