The hottest glass market has opened one after anot

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The glass market has opened one after another, and the tide of back-up goods has begun.

the production enterprises in the glass spot market have gradually started to return to work and deliver goods. It will take about a week for the processing enterprises and traders to return to their normal state. During the Spring Festival, except for some shipping containers and foreign trade orders, the domestic market basically stagnated due to the impact of the road transportation holiday

the market price is mainly stable. Only some local production enterprises raise prices sporadically, creating a market atmosphere that will take about half a year. Affected by the current road transportation holiday, the inventory of production enterprises still needs a certain time to accumulate in the short term. Shahe region has huge production capacity, and the turnover of goods is faster than other regions. On the fifth day of the lunar new year, the production enterprises began to deliver goods to work. Most of them were short-distance transshipment by traders in the region. For long-distance transportation, if you want to know more information, please pay attention to the fact that this site has not been started. From the perspective of inventory of manufacturers, the year-on-year increase in Shahe region is greater than that in other regions, mainly due to the accumulation of inventory of manufacturers due to the impact of smog on road transportation in winter. In particular, the inventory pressure of several large manufacturers is too high. Since today, the prices of some specifications and varieties with small inventory have risen slightly, while the prices of normal specifications remain unchanged

yesterday Xinlei 3 in Shahe area. Increase 0 for 5m. 1 yuan. In the early stage, the prices of some thin plate products were raised by 0.. 3 yuan, the market price of Changhong rose 0.. 3 yuan

Shahe Yingxin float glass will start work tomorrow, and all hidden returns before the year will be cancelled, which means that the small plate will be increased by 2 yuan per heavy box compared with that before the year, and the large plate will be increased by 3 yuan per heavy box compared with that before the year

tomorrow, Xinli will increase by 0. 1 yuan, tomorrow Yuanhua, jihengyuan's whole line product Zhengda 3. 8m4。 8m up 0.. 2 yuan

from today on, there is a big wave of deep processing. The original film dealers and logistics vehicles are open. The glass market is opening up one after another. After the Spring Festival, the mid and lower reaches of the stock tide begins. In the later stage, the sales of Shahe white glass will continue to increase. The operating standards of each material are marked in detail. The manufacturers' inventory is reduced slightly, and some manufacturers may continue to increase.

at present, the glass spot market is still in a state of price without market, Effective demand will not be released until after the Lantern Festival. Only some traders replenish inventory. From the perspective of inventory increase of production enterprises, it was basically flat year-on-year. However, due to the rapid growth of inventory in Shahe area before the Spring Festival, some manufacturers have relatively high inventory pressure. At the same time, the steady decline in the price of soda ash also eased the cost pressure of production enterprises

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