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Spring is coming! The season change is also the season of crazy grass growth. Have you also entered the rhythm of losing your family? However, behind every shopping day, there is a crowded wardrobe...

spring is coming

changing seasons is also the season of crazy grass growth.

have you also entered the rhythm of losing your family


there is a crowded wardrobe behind every shopping day...

do you become a "messy lady" because you can't tidy your wardrobe

taking care of your wardrobe is the beginning of a delicate life

let's learn how to tidy the wardrobe effectively

1. Throw

Why do we often feel:

I have a lot of clothes, but I still have no clothes to wear

that's because there are too many clothes you don't wear at all

since you don't wear it, why do you keep it?

throw away those unnecessary clothes or donate them,

give them to people who really need them

2. Use a dividing drawer to store these small pieces of underwear and socks in a cabinet,

underwear is stacked together, which not only protects the underwear from deformation,

but also saves storage space,

underwear and socks are stored separately,

folded into blocks and placed independently, which is more convenient to take

some thin clothes (such as vests, T-Shirts, etc.)

can also be sorted out by dividing drawers,

the corrugated paper waste used for usual packaging can be used,

made into vertical and horizontal partitions, which is more convenient to place

pants are the same. Don't stack them randomly,

roll up ~

save space and make it easier for you to pick them up when you choose

if there are not enough drawers,

or you are too lazy to make partitions,

you can also use boxes to make up.

3. Hanging clothes hangers

clothes hangers usually occupy a large space,

you should try to hang some wrinkle prone clothes that cannot be folded

there is a clever trick to save the space for clothes hangers:

add an easy pull ring on the neck of the clothes hanger,

this can hang more clothes hangers in the wardrobe and save space

if there is no easy pull ring, you can also buy this kind of hook

scarf and belt can be tied on the hanger together,

clear, save space ~

4, bag & Jewelry storage

it's best not to hang the bag,

it's easy to deform the shoulder strap, just put it flat

put the bags that are used less frequently on the upper end of the wardrobe

when storing jewelry, the most important thing is to store them

independently to avoid knots

let us know a little secret:

put an egg box in the drawer

and you can properly place your beloved jewelry

isn't it very clever

sunglasses, watches, bracelets and other objects,

is it more obvious to place them like this ~

have you learned something after reading it

students with messy wardrobes, learn to tidy up quickly





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