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Waving your sleeves in the golden week of May Day is fleeting, and the "big brand happy shopping" activity of Hennessy doors and windows is still in progress

May Day golden week, waving your sleeves is fleeting

although the holiday is over

but Hennessy doors and windows "big brand happy shopping" national linkage

continues to be hot

happy gifts are given all the time

Hennessy doors and windows have been dressed up

give you a pink surprise

Hennessy doors and windows with excellent quality

craftsman's heart of excellence

adhere to 16 years of unremitting

strive to build a modern and livable green room

"big brand happy shopping" During the event,

the crowds who came to Hennessy's door and window store came and went.

with the most favorable price

the most considerate service

the best quality products

sincerely received every consumer

made consumers give thumbs up

strength was Hennessy's representative

during the event from April 20 to May 20, 2019

Hennessy's door and window joined hands with thousands of stores nationwide to give huge benefits back

hot doors and windows, value-added attack

Reassuring quality

discount that makes you excited

what are you waiting for

new jekas series sliding door

enjoy 799 yuan/㎡

Bofei broken bridge high-end silent window

super value snap-up price 999 yuan/㎡

book full gift activity continues to be effective

exquisite household appliances waiting for you to take home

more opportunities for lottery

headquarters send a gift

send the gift home

Labor Day re explosion discount superposition

hi shopping!May day

red envelope gift, If you dare to come, we dare to give you

and push a number of ultra-low price products, so that you can buy on May Day

and make a decision to cash it back on site

the activity is only until May 5

Hennessy doors and windows "big brand happy purchase" national linkage

activity is in hot progress

April 20 ~ May 20

Hennessy doors and windows national store

you are welcome





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