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According to the statistics of Tuscany integrated wall, in the final analysis, it is the temptation of "cheap price". Then, how can we put an end to these scams at ordinary times

this year, various "integrated wall joining scams" broke out, which is an inevitable observation of the explosive development of any emerging industry. However, there are so many actual cases on the Internet, but why are you still cheated? According to the statistics of Tuscany integrated wall, in the final analysis, it is the temptation of "low price". Then, how can we put an end to these scams at ordinary times

but compared with the promotion rules of other building materials, the promotion of integrated wall is relatively simple and rough, and not so complex. However, Xiaobian also reminds you that you should be careful about the distribution integration wall. Don't blindly look at the price. The quality of goods is equally important. Don't spend money but buy inferior goods. The gains outweigh the losses

then, how can we stop the fraud of bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall?

01. Select manufacturers with good praise and good reputation.

if you want to buy a good integrated wall, you must first look at the brand, how to look at the brand? Of course, it is very important to choose manufacturers with good reputation. It is also a good condition for testing a manufacturer. As for how to understand the brand, you can go to some home websites and forums, or listen to the opinions of friends, so it is good to have a reference

02. Don't just look at the price

for commodities, good quality is the primary condition. The market price of integrated wall products ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan per square meter, and many low-cost promotional products are made of waste materials, with light materials and short service life. Owners and users should pay more attention to quality when purchasing goods. Many owners and users often pay attention to the main board part and ignore the internal materials under the misleading of the manufacturer. This part of auxiliary materials is equivalent to the foundation and beams and columns of the building. Jerry built materials are very easy to rust and deform, causing the integrated wall to sink or even collapse. Therefore, owners and users must carefully observe when purchasing

03. See whether it is energy-saving and environmental protection

at present, whether it is aluminum alloy wall or bamboo wood integrated wall, it adopts environmental friendly materials, aiming to create elegant, environmental friendly and durable products for the majority of owners and users. In addition, energy conservation is also an important part of environmental protection

04. Ask about quality assurance services

when selecting integrated walls, you should also pay attention to pre-sales, in-sales and quality assurance services. Three materials and seven services, the correct service can ensure the normal use of goods in the future. The warranty period of many integrated wall products is short, and many dealers replace inferior and thin materials with inferior ones, which seriously damages the interests of owners and users. Therefore, owners and users should choose those integrated wall products with good sales service, good brand praise and long warranty period

after all, the decoration of new houses is a lifelong thing. It is a good opportunity to distribute the integrated wall "whole house decoration". Many manufacturers and manufacturers do offer great discounts, but as owners and users, we must definitely look at all the details carefully, and don't lose big things for small things

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