Identification method of high quality PPR pipeline

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As we all know, the material selection of concealed works such as water and electricity for home decoration is very important, such as water pipes. If something goes wrong, it will pay a lot of losses. So how do we choose water pipes?

identification method of high-quality PP-R pipes

1 product appearance

the national standard puts forward clear requirements for the product appearance of PP-R pipes and fittings, mainly including that the product color should be uniform and free of speckles; The internal and external surfaces of the product shall be smooth and flat, and no bubbles, obvious depressions, grooves, impurities and other defects are allowed

2 product identification

the pipes produced by regular manufacturers are marked with the company's trademark and name, product name (PP-R), product pipe series (s), nominal outer diameter and wall thickness, production date or production batch number, national standard number (gb/t 18742.2-2002), and some regular manufacturers even mark the production time, contact number and other contents of the products. In fact, such products can be used with confidence, Pipe fitting products will also have the above part of the logo

3 fusion identification when PP-R pipes are fused

the normal fusion temperature is within the range of 260-290 ℃, and the fusion quality will be better guaranteed during fusion within this temperature range. If under normal fusion parameters, the product can easily enter the fusion mold head during fusion, and the fusion accumulation tumor is close to liquid, it indicates that the product is not produced from authentic PP-R raw materials, At the same time, if the welding accumulation tumor can be cooled and hardened quickly (generally within 10 seconds), it can also indicate that the product is not produced by authentic PP-R raw materials. This is because one of the characteristics of PP-R is that the heat preservation effect is good, and its cooling speed will naturally be slow

4 test detection

when we can't distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of products by using the above methods, we can only use test instruments for detection to effectively distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of products. The national standard stipulates several quite important test requirements, such as the aging resistance test of pipes (the test that will not fail for 8760 hours under the ring stress of 1.9mpa and the test temperature of 110 ℃), the stability test of piping system (5000 cold and hot cycles) and the impact resistance test. Therefore, users can ask manufacturers or businesses to provide the above test reports for verification when selecting. In addition, it should be pointed out that the national standard also has an important requirement for the raw materials used in pipes and fittings, that is, the melt index. The national standard requires that the change value of the melt index before and after processing should not exceed 30%, and there is also a requirement in the industry that the melt index of raw materials should not be greater than 0.5g/10min

special price of Wei Shuibao water pipe:

special price of Wei Shuibao water pipe:

original imported hot water pipe of Wei Shuibao

specification: 25*4.2

original price: 24.9 yuan/meter

super special price: 14.5 yuan/meter

original imported Wei Shuibao

specification: 25*3/4 male wire direct head

market price: ¥ 54.60

group purchase price: ¥ 38.22

super special price; 2.8 yuan/piece





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