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There is a risk of falling after the outward casement window has been used for a long time. Next, I will tell you how to avoid the risk of window sash falling

on June 13, in Futian, Shenzhen, tragedy struck a 5-year-old boy's head. A window fell off the 20th floor and hit the boy just in time. Finally, he was seriously injured and died. This is very sad. May the little boy be well in the other world

it is reported that the residential property then inspected the windows in the area and found that some windows were abnormal. One was that the screws of the windows were loose, the other was that the screws were missing, and the third was that the sliding brace was rusted and broken. These conditions will cause the window sash to fall. At present, the incident is still fermenting, which is an indelible and irreparable pain to the victims' families

in fact, similar incidents of windows falling and injuring or even killing people occur from time to time. Why do tragedies happen repeatedly? In the final analysis, one is the quality of doors and windows, and the other is the lack of daily inspection and maintenance. Next, I will tell you how to avoid the risk of window sash falling

external casement windows are equipped with fall arrest ropes

external casement windows have the risk of falling after a long time of use, especially in windy days, so it is safe to install fall arrest ropes. The two ends of the anti falling rope are equipped with anti falling devices. One end is connected to the window frame and the other end is connected to the window sash. The anti falling rope is intertwined by a number of fine 304 stainless steel wires. It has a tensile strength of 80 kg, and it is easy to pull the window sash

many new residential areas now require anti falling ropes if they use external windows, and the external windows in some old residential areas can also be added later, so owners can go to some door and window brand stores, such as yimeide, and ask whether they can install them or not

adopt 304 stainless steel thick sliding brace and hinge

sliding brace/hinge to connect and support the window sash, which is very important. In order to be safe, it is best to choose 304 sliding brace/hinge, which is not easy to rust, wear-resistant and high-strength. However, some manufacturers use 201 low-grade stainless steel in order to reduce costs. As a result, it will rust soon and break after a long time. In addition, it is best to choose a sliding brace or hinge with sufficient thickness of 2.5mm. This is more solid

in order to save costs, some manufacturers use cheap 201 instead of 304. As a result, it is easy to rust, and it will rust and break soon. Some sliding braces are insufficient in thickness and strength, easy to deform and wear, and will also cause the window sash to fall. So don't be greedy for cheap, but choose a regular brand of aluminum alloy doors and windows

slip braces with poor quality

Imade attaches great importance to hardware accessories, establishes strategic cooperation with international brands such as hobo and silkia, and adopts high-quality hardware

the most thorough method is to open the window inward and reverse the window inward.

there is no risk of the window sash falling out. For example, the inward opening and inward inverted window of imede can realize inward flat opening in addition to inward tilting

when decorating new houses, replace windows when necessary

the windows of many buildings are uniformly installed by developers in the form of engineering. In some projects, in order to reduce costs, the quality of doors and windows is not high, such as using single-layer glass instead of double-layer, and the hardware fittings are not strong enough. If the quality is really poor, the windows are also replaced when decorating houses, and a better brand is selected for installation. After all, it has been used for decades

pay attention to daily maintenance

no matter how good the quality of doors and windows is, you should also pay attention to daily use and maintenance. Key places should be checked regularly,

(1) check whether the screws of hinges, sliding braces and hinges are rusty and loose, and repair them immediately if they are loose

(2) check the rust of the sliding brace. If it is rusty, replace it immediately or install the anti falling rope

(3) remove impurities in the slideway and lubricate the hinge and sliding support regularly

if the situation is serious and difficult to repair, simply replace the new window

the above is the way to prevent the window sash from falling. I hope it will help you, and I hope you don't despise this thing. May the tragedy never happen again, and may all people live a safe life




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