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For more than a decade, relying on the natural location and resource advantages of Nanxun, Shiyou wooden door has maintained a rapid growth trend and gradually become a leader in China's wooden door industry

since its establishment in 2001, Shiyou brand has gone through a glorious process of nearly 15 years. Its strong brand Shiyou wooden door is located in Nanxun, the capital of wooden doors in China and the center of the Yangtze River Delta in China. For more than a decade, relying on the natural location and resource advantages of Nanxun, Shiyou wooden door has maintained a rapid growth trend and gradually become a leader in China's wooden door industry

(image of the terminal store of Shiyou wooden door - facade)

the success of a company is not only the success of business, but also the internal quality of the enterprise - brand image. In terms of brand image, the brand image of an enterprise can be basically judged by what kind of positioning it has. In modern society, the public is no longer concerned about the product itself, but more about whether the enterprise and the brand have a good reputation. It is precisely because of this emphasis that Shiyou wooden door has always attached great importance to the construction of brand image, especially the continuous upgrading and breakthrough in the construction of terminal image of exclusive stores, striving to provide consumers with a comfortable and warm shopping environment, realize the seamless connection between the brand and customers, and create the high-end brand image of Shiyou in the construction and promotion of channels

(Shiyou wooden door terminal store image - lobby)

how to build a newly upgraded VI system

in the decoration design of the exclusive store, on the one hand, Shiyou wooden door integrates the unique enterprise logo, enterprise slogan, symbolic pattern, standard color and other elements into it, and strives to achieve the unity of brand image and product management, form a unique brand image, and facilitate customers to be more direct Better understand the business philosophy and spiritual culture of the enterprise

(image of Shiyou wooden door terminal store aisle)

on the other hand, Shiyou wooden door is mainly European, Chinese and American, and the decoration style is mainly fashionable and simple. The exclusive store implements whole wood home decoration, which is highly consistent with the attributes of wood products enterprises. The decoration pattern is mainly divided into five parts: whole wood negotiation area, open negotiation area, lobby, aisle and facade, mainly mahogany furniture and whole wood furniture, which are simple, atmospheric and comfortable, The environmental protection, simple design concept and classical and gorgeous design style are integrated into the store design, providing customers with a visual feast

(Shiyou wooden door terminal store image - whole wood negotiation area)

in practice, the store decoration is cleverly matched with daily home soft decoration, and is committed to creating a "home" atmosphere in the store, so that customers can feel as if they are in their own home during the visit, produce a sense of intimacy and comfort that belongs to their family alone, obtain spiritual recognition, and then boost customers' love for products, Generate purchase desire; High quality products enable customers to form brand loyalty to Shiyou wooden door and help the spread of good reputation of the enterprise

(image of Shiyou wooden door terminal store - open negotiation area)

in addition, each franchise store uniformly samples according to the standard sample series of Shiyou wooden door, which can not only effectively highlight the company's characteristic products, but also better regulate the healthy and orderly development of the national market. The display and placement of samples can be seen at a glance from the material type, color, category and style, so that customers can meet their needs at different levels when entering the store

brand image connotation of Shiyou wooden door

first, make life better

since the establishment of the company, Shiyou wooden door has not only made proud achievements in shopping malls, but also has deep cultural accumulation in the enterprise itself. Since its birth, Shiyou wooden door has taken "better life" as its corporate philosophy, always adhering to the excellent quality of Shiyou wooden door and the fine tradition of Shiyou, actively integrating the thick and rigorous spirit of British manufacturing industry and Oriental humanistic living culture, and being good at design and meticulous carving to reflect the natural beauty of materials, environmental protection and comfort, so as to give full play to the most essential functions of wooden products

second, introverted but not publicized

shiyoumumen rejects flashiness and shallowness, and advocates a kind of dignity emanating from the inside out. Instead of simply copying the British home style into the manufacture of wooden doors, for Shiyou wooden doors, "truly understanding and paying attention to connotation" is the attitude of every Shiyou, and this spirit is integrated into every work in active creation and production. As for the products, while embodying the decoration, world friends deeply understand the connotation of European classics, carefully select the top-grade wood, and pursue the concept of "introverted but not publicized" while carefully carving the workmanship of the products, paying great attention to the practicality of each product

III. pursue another kind of luxury

from the beginning of its birth, Shiyou wooden door has been committed to building a global luxury wooden door brand with the concept of creating a tasteful and fashionable home life for the world's high-end luxury upstart families. However, the luxury of Shiyou wooden door is not a simple word in the traditional sense, but a new luxury defined by bearing and temperament, That is, "introverted but spread endless charm, grasp the elegant scale, interpret extraordinary taste between details, and deduce upper level consciousness between movement and stillness". It integrates the rigorous spirit of German manufacturing industry and Oriental humanistic living culture, embodies the connotation in uniqueness, sublimates the taste in nature, and interprets the perfection and luxury of world famous household products with excellent quality incisively and vividly, so that people who advocate the quality of life can truly feel the master or simple, or aesthetic, or classical, or romantic design style




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